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How much is Botox in Bali?

As the allure of Bali extends beyond its beautiful landscapes and cultural richness, an increasing number of individuals are exploring the possibilities of cosmetic procedures in this tropical paradise. If you are thinking of coming home from your holiday fresher and better, having Botox in Bali is always a great idea.

Many aesthetic centers in Bali provide botox injection, however some essential parts need to be considered to ensure your botox treatment is worth it. At Healthy Look Aesthetic, we are committed to providing the best worldwide products through an official supplier and diluting them according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to deliver a good outcome to our patients

Is it Safe to Do Botox in Bali?

Botox is generally of of the safest cosmetic procedures. However, you still should research and choose reputable practitioners to avoid unwanted complications. Verify that the practitioners are licensed and registered as Doctors as only doctors are allowed to inject the botox legally in Bali.

Reputable aesthetic centers in Bali typically use well-known and FDA-approved brands of botulinum toxin like Botox from Allergan USA. It's essential to inquire about the specific products used to ensure quality and safety.

What contributes to the efficacy of Botox?

The proper dilution of Botox is essential to ensure its effectiveness and safety. The concentration of Botox is measured in "units,". The recommended guideline from Allergan USA is to dilute 100 units of Botox with 2,5 ml of normal saline. Aside from proper dilution, it is also important to preserve and store the botox in a cool temperature of between 2 to 8 degrees Celsius.

Is Botox Cheaper in Bali?

Bali's cost of living is generally lower than in many Western countries, and this is reflected in the cost of cosmetic procedures, so you can expect to make a significant saving by doing botox in Bali. The price will depend on the number of units needed to treat the area, the more the dynamic wrinkle, the more units are needed. Here is the estimated dose for each area :

Frown Line: 8-20 units

Forehead: 10-20 units

Crow’s Feet: 12-24 units

Masseter: 40-60 units

Lip Flip : 4-8 units

Chin : 4-8 units

At Healthy Look Aesthetic, we provide free consultation before the treatment to assess the concern and determine the ideal units for you. During the consultation, our doctor will discuss the goal you would like to achieve, whether you want natural results, a lifted eyebrow, or keeping your brow height in the original position.

Botox at Healthy Look Aesthetic Ubud

Botox treatments in our aesthetic center are performed by Certified Aesthetic & Anti Aging Doctors with years of experience and trained directly by Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox company.

The price of Botox treatment in Healthy Look Aesthetic Center Ubud is at IDR 80.750/unit if you purchase more than 40 units. Please contact us for the ongoing promo.

We only sourced our Botox from the official suppliers, diluted it with the correct amount, and stored it in a cold chain to ensure the freshness of our botox. Our motto is to help you look and feel your best with the effective results and honest protocol. Here is the botox review from our new patient

"I am super happy with my botox result with Dr. Irene. I can't wait to try the other services they offer. I appreciate people who love their job and not just do it for money. Dr. Irene didn't force the treatments, she even recommended the lower dose and said putting less is better than putting too much, but it ended up I didn't need any touch-ups. I love the result as I still can move my face and look natural"

- Ms Olivia, Google Review

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