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IPL in Ubud Bali

IPL is a non-invasive treatment that uses broad wavelength light through various levels of photo-penetration to treat various skin problems. The heat breaks down the unwanted blood vessels and/or pigment to improve the overall skin quality. It also can kill Propionibacterium acne, thus effective in reducing acne and inflammation. Unlike skincare that only targets the superficial layer, IPL begins at the epidermis and delves deep into the dermis & hypodermis to treat the root of the skin problem. The treatment is quick and has no downtime


IPL can only help target melasma that is located in the superficial layer. Melasma is difficult to remove as they are deep. At Healthy Look Aesthetic, we suggest chemical peeling or personalized mesotherapy to treat deep melasma. Instead, IPL is an ideal choice for superficial pigmentation.
No. Although many clinics promote IPL as the treatment for acne scars, the scientific evidence doesn’t support this. For the acne scar, we recommend another treatment like Dermapen, PRP, subcision, bio revitalization injection, chemical peeling, TCA cross, and personalized mesotherapy.
For most patients, the treatment is very tolerable with no or slight discomfort. Our machine is also equipped with a cooling system to keep you comfortable during the treatment
The side effects of IPL are very rare, such as redness and swelling. The side effects usually ease within a matter of days.
It uses light with similar technology to the laser. The laser directs just one beam of light at your skin, while IPL releases a broad wavelength of light that is pulsed onto the skin. IPL penetrates deeper into the dermis without injuring the superficial layer (epidermis), therefore IPL has no downtime.
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At Healthy Look Aesthetic, we use the latest IPL technology to treat your skin concerns. Here is Why…

- The standard IPL utilizes the wavelength from 400-1200 nm, however, the wavelength from 950-1200 nm is an infrared light that is absorbed by the water and converted to heat leading to pain and discomfort. Our IPL offers more specific wavelengths (400-950 nm) therefore it is much more painless and safer with higher efficacy compared to the conventional IPL. Our IPL is effective for Fitzpatrick 1-4.

- Our IPL comes with a contact cooling system at -50 C to minimize the uncomfortable sensations and prevent overheating, hence we are able to administer the IPL treatment without the need for numbing cream & gel.


What’s the Benefit of having IPL in Ubud Bali?

Hair Removal

Semi Permanent Hair Reduction

Acne Control

Reducing the Active Acne & decrease sebum production

Superficial Pigmentation

Freckles, solar keratosis, and lentigines

Treat Redness

Treat redness, rosacea, PIE, and telangiectasia

Brighten the Skin

Skin Rejuvenation

Increase collagen production and improve the skin's elasticity

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