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Unlock the Fountain of Youth with Exosome in Ubud at Healthy Look Aesthetic Center in Ubud, where 60 years of stem cell research has culminated in the Exosome therapy. Unveil the secrets of cellular rejuvenation and experience the unparalleled benefits of our advanced skincare technology.

Delve into the science of exosomes, nano-sized endoplasmic reticulum secreted by cells for inter-cell signal delivery. Serving as the "avatar" of the cell, stem cell exosomes play a pivotal role in the Paracrine effect, offering unparalleled regenerative abilities for lasting results in skin rejuvenation. The exosome is extracted from human Adipocyte Conditioned Media Extract with the regenerative properties of rose stem cell exosome.

Exosome is not just an ordinary skin booster; it's a powerhouse of 1,008 growth factors and proteins. Among them, 200 have proven efficacy in skin rejuvenation, offering a comprehensive approach to address various skin concerns and promote a radiant, youthful complexion.

Beside exosome, ExoSCRT is also packed with essential components for skin health, including 5 growth factors, 6 peptides, 19 amino acids, 4 coenzymes, vitamins, minerals, and glutathione. This comprehensive blend nurtures your skin from within, addressing a spectrum of concerns for a holistic rejuvenation experience.


In general, you can see your skin become one tone brighter and gain a watery glow about 2~3 days after only one procedure. More amplified effects can be expected after 3-5 sessions
Existing skin booster products in the market provide moisture and nutrients on skin. However, Exosome not only strengthens skin barrier but also enhances the condition of dermis and subcutaneous tissue by increasing collagen synthesis and elastin with a human-friendly ingredient (Human derived adipose stem cell). As a result, the product changes the fundamental skin condition.
Exosome therapy is a breakthrough for anyone grappling with complex skin problems like aging, inflammation, rough texture, acne scars, or saggy pores. Exosome is designed for skin with weak regeneration ability, unbalanced tones featuring large pores and redness, as well as acne-prone skin with lingering scars. Ideal for those with sensitive or thin skin, exosome therapy heals at the foundational level. Even individuals with inflammatory skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis or rosacea can benefit from the remarkable effects of exosomes.
This depends on the skin condition of each individual, for significant change, we recommend at least 3 rounds of the procedure. After that, you can receive the procedure once every 6 months~1 year to maintain healthy skin. This product does not have an artificial duration the way Botox or fillers do because this skincare solution is about naturally returning your skin to its original healthy state. Therefore, the sustaining period of its effects would differ depending on each individual and his or her surrounding environment
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