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Carboxy Therapy in Ubud Bali

Discover the wonders of carboxy therapy at our aesthetic center in Bali, a needle-free treatment designed to infuse your skin with revitalizing carbon dioxide. This innovative technique harnesses the power of CO2 gel to penetrate the skin, stimulating the body's natural response to increase oxygen supply. Through a process known as the Bohr Effect, this treatment enhances blood circulation, boosts collagen and elastin production for enhanced skin texture, cellulite reduction, stretch mark improvement, and a more even skin tone.

Here's how it works:
1. Experience a bubbling effect as CO2 bubbles envelop your skin.
2. Witness the exchange of CO2 and O2, effectively eliminating dead skin cells.
3. Feel the surge in blood circulation, delivering essential nutrients and oxygen to your skin.
Benefits of Carboxy Therapy in Ubud Bali

For the Face:
- Enhances skin hydration
- Diminishes the appearance of pores
- Brightens the complexion
- Boosts skin firmness and elasticity

For the Body:
- Enhances blood circulation
- Aids in cellulite reduction
- Improves skin elasticity
- Minimizes the appearance of stretch marks
- Tightens the skin

Experience the rejuvenating effects of increased oxygen levels, promoting tissue and cell regeneration for a refreshed appearance on the face, neck, hands, and body. Enjoy immediate, pain-free results and unveil a radiant, youthful complexion at our aesthetic center in Ubud.


Why Should I choose Carboxy Therapy in Ubud?

No Downtime

Safe Treatment without Downtime


Immediate Result

Quick Treatment

Achieve a more defined jawline

Safe for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

FDA Approve

  • Dr Irene was so lovely! I felt safe and all of the staff are amazing. I would definitely recommend. I had HIFU to my lower face and dermapen on my thighs. Everything was very clean and professional. I will be back next time to do more!! 5 stars for sure
    Alana Willis, Google
  • Absolutely recommended!! Dr. Irene is amazing, the staff are all so friendly and lovely. I feel and see the results of my HIFU treatment already! I will definitely be back ❤️❤️❤️
    Rachel Alexsander, Google

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