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Holistic Slimming & Body Contouring in Ubud

Embark on a journey to wellness and aesthetic excellence in the heart of Ubud, Bali, where beauty is redefined through a holistic approach to slimming and body contouring. As one of the leading aesthetic centers in the region, we take pride in offering evidence-based solutions for those seeking to lose weight or sculpt their bodies effectively. Whether you're looking for a healthy weight loss journey or effective body sculpting grounded in evidence-based medicine, Healthy Look Aesthetic is committed to delivering sustainable results with our comprehensive modalities.

Holistic Slimming Approach in Ubud

Personalized Nutrition Approach with Nutrigenomic

Begin your journey to a healthier, and slimmer you with our Personalized Nutrition Approach grounded in Nutrigenomic science. Unveil the unique relationship between your genetics and nutrition, allowing us to craft an individualized plan tailored to your body's needs. Enjoy personalised guidance from a Certified Anti-Aging Doctor to ensure not just weight loss, but a holistic improvement in well-being.

Muscle Sculpting by CM Slim

Our CE Certified CM Slim machine introduces a revolutionary approach to body sculpting. Utilizing High-Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer technology, CM Slim allows you to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. For those seeking body contouring in Ubud, this advanced non-invasive modalitiy provides a safe and effective solution without any downtime. What’s even better, the procedure is painless without any needle involved.

Premium Fat Dissolving Injections

Experience targeted fat reduction with our premium Fat Dissolving Injections. Setting a new standard in painless injections, we offer antioxidant-infused products for a more comfortable experience compared to general market options. When searching for effective solutions for stubborn fat, Healthy Look Aesthetic Center in Ubud is your go-to destination in Ubud.

Slimming Infusion for Metabolic Boost

Nourish your body from within with our Slimming Infusion, a potent blend of multivitamins and antioxidants. Designed to boost metabolism and support muscle growth, this infusion is a key component of our holistic approach to slimming in Ubud

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Eliminate the excess water in your body and promote a balanced system with our Signature Lymphatic Drainage Massage. This relaxing and rhythmic massage aims to stimulate the lymphatic vessels, promoting the efficient removal of toxins, excess fluid, and waste from the body. By facilitating lymphatic flow, this treatment helps reduce swelling, supports immune function, and promotes an overall sense of well-being. When searching for lymphatic drainage in Ubud, our aesthetic center offers expert care for vitality.

Radiofrequency for Skin Tightening

Conclude your slimming journey with Radiofrequency technology, tightening loose skin for a rejuvenated appearance. For those in Ubud searching for effective solutions for loose skin, our Radiofrequency treatments provide a non-invasive and painless option.

As you search for slimming and body contouring in Ubud, Healthy Look Aesthetic Center in Ubud invites you to experience the pinnacle of evidence-based wellness. Discover a holistic approach that combines advanced modalities with personalized care, unlocking a revitalized, sculpted, and radiant version of yourself. Book your free consultation to begin your transformative journey and redefine wellness in the heart of Ubud, Bali.

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