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Fat Dissolving Injections in Ubud Bali

Do you always struggle with unwanted fat in a specific area?
Have you successfully lost some weight but still can’t get rid of the double chin?

Fat Dissolving injection or commonly known as Mesolipo is a non-surgical option to reduce unwanted fat deposits on your face & body. It works by destroying the fat cell membrane to release the local fat cells allowing it to naturally metabolize and be permanently removed from the body.
Fat Dissolving injection is not a miracle for weight loss but rather assists to sculpt and contour the body. The best candidate for fat-dissolving injections is the patients who have ideal weight or just slightly overweight but struggle with fat deposits in certain areas that were resistant to reduction by diet and exercise.

What area can be treated by Fat Dissolving Injection in Ubud Bali?

It can be injected into the fat deposit anywhere in both the face & body
- Lower third of the face
- Double chin
- Armpit
- Arm
- Bra bulge
- Love handle
- Abdomen
- Buttock
- Thigh


Why Should I Fat Dissolving Injection in Ubud?

Handled by Certified Doctor

The Injection is performed by certified doctor with years of experience


We use premium products that is much more painless compared to the general product in the market

Affordable Price

Reduce your stubborn fat effectively  at affordable cost


The number of treatments will depend on your own body’s response. Generally speaking, it requires 2-4 sessions, each session is spaced at 4 weeks. The result may show as soon as 4 weeks after the treatment, however in some cases, it may take longer. The optimum outcome can be enhanced by a healthy lifestyle. Although the injection dissolves the fats permanently, new fat cells can arise if you are in a calorie surplus.
At Healthy Look Aesthetic Center Ubud, we use premium substances that can deliver effective outcomes in painless way. We also apply numbing cream prior to injection to ensure that you’re comfortable. Most patients claim that fat-dissolving injection in Ubud Bali is very bearable. The level of discomfort may vary from patient to patient depending on your body’s response.
In some patients, the injected area bruise for several days. At Healthy Look Aesthetic Center Ubud, we use premium  products with minimum swelling compared to the conventional products. The area may become warm and red and a tingling sensation may be experienced.
Fatty tissues that are dissolved do not return. However, it is not a permanent solution for weight loss. We encourage the patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle and do physical exercise regularly
There are no specific things you should do unless bruising happens. You can apply compressed ice in the first 48 hours of the treatment. For better results, we recommend you add these treatments to tone and tighten the area after the fat-dissolving inject
- Muscle Sculpting by CM Slim
This treatment will assist in dissolving more fats, and importantly building more muscle.
- Radiofrequency Treatment
It helps to tighten loose skin, improve the skin texture and reduce the cellulite
- HIFU (face area)
HIFU is beneficial to lift the face and further burn the fat.
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