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Chemical Peels in Ubud Bali

Life can be pretty tough, damaging your skin and making it look dull and tired. Refresh and rejuvenate your skin for a fresher and healthier-looking skin with chemical peels in Ubud. Our skin naturally sheds layers and produces new ones which is known as skin turnover, however, as we age, the turnover is slowing down and doesn’t occur in a uniform manner, which can leave our skin uneven. This natural skin process will not improve blemishes and wrinkles, that’s where the chemical peels come in.

By exfoliating the uppermost layers of skin, chemical peels can reduce imperfections to reveal smoother younger-looking skin beneath. At Healthy Look Aesthetic Center Ubud, we have an impressive selection of world-class peels, each one working in a different way to combat a variety of skin conditions. We provide personalized with our certified doctor to recommend the right peels for your skin needs.

Chemical peels can help to improve a wide range of skin conditions not just on the face, but also on the necks, decollete, legs, armpit, arms, and butt

- Acne
- Blemishes & enlarged pores
- Sun damage
- Superficial acne scar
- Superficial pigmentation (freckles, lentigo)
- Melasma
- Fine lines and aging


FAQ Chemical Peels in Ubud

The famous myth associates chemical peels with thinning skin. In fact, it isn’t backed up by science. According to scientific evidence, chemical peels only thin the outer layer of dead skin which causes your skin to looks dull. Chemical peels increase the production of collagen & elastin, dermal volume, and thicken the epidermal layer.
The chemical peel itself is pretty quick about 15-20 minutes, however at Healthy Look Aesthetic Center Ubud, we always combine it with a soothing mask to accelerate the healing process. In total, each session takes approximately 45 minutes.
Most patients will experience a slight burning & stinging sensation for a few minutes. As we use world-class peels with modern technology, the experience is much more comfortable compared to traditional ones.
There’s no downtime, however, you may experience mild yet smooth scaling for 3-7 days depending on the strength of the peels and your skin conditions. Please use appropriate UV protection and soothing cream. Avoid picking the skin with your fingers while healing. Not all chemical peels cause the skin to peel, some acids treat the skin by peeling it at the microscopic level. Patients with thicker, oilier skin may not peel much at all, while patients with sensitive skin may peel a lot. Our doctor will adjust the recommended peels tailored to your needs.
Please refrain from sunbathing 7 days before and after each peel session. Please avoid direct sun exposure up to 72 hours after treatment. Stay out of swimming pools and don’t use chemical exfoliants and physical scrub for 3 days.
In general, we recommend repeating it every 4 weeks aligned with our skin’s turnover. You will see the result after the first session, however, multiple sessions may be needed to achieve optimal results depending on the severity of your skin conditions.
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