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Body Sculpting in Ubud Bali

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Do you face difficulties in building muscle?
Have you just lost weight but your body has become loose & saggy?
Do you want to tighten your body without any downtime?

Body Sculpting treatment might be suitable for you. Body Sculpting or also known as Muscle Sculpting, is a minimally invasive or non-surgical treatment used to improve the appearance of particular body parts by shaping and toning them.

CM Slim is a next-generation HI-EMT (High-Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Training) medical device targeted to increase body muscle development and decrease localized fat deposits in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and biceps, without discomfort or downtime. It is a revolutionary technology that is used worldwide to stimulate the body muscle, providing the most intensive continuous contractions for ideal muscle growth. CMSLIM is a painless and safe treatment that can produce up to 30,000 squats or crunches in 30 minutes without downtime.

While the similar technology only has one function, CM Slim is a cutting-edge treatment that has a dual function, builds an average of 18% body muscle mass, and reduces an average of 21% fat. These two processes make CM Slim become the favorite treatment around the world for achieving a slimmer, more toned body, as well as increasing strength.

CM slim offers a unique dual paddle application featuring a 7 Tesla, the highest in the market. HI-EMT delivers high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to be able to bypass skin, and fat to target muscle groups. Besides increasing muscle tone and endurance, the contractions also trigger the release of free fatty acids which break down localized fat deposits via cell apoptosis.

CM Slim

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FAQ About Body Sculpting in Ubud

CM Slim is not a replacement for working out but works best when used with exercise and a balanced diet. It’s an ideal choice for beginners, post-pregnant women, athletes after certain injuries, or anyone who wants to tone a specific area, such as more defined abs, leaner arms, or a butt lift. CM Slim will also provide assistance for people who are overweight with poor core strength to attain quicker results and encourage physical activity. As CM Slim strengthens the muscles, you will notice that you will feel stronger in your workouts.
If you have been working out for a while, but don’t get the expected result, the body muscle treatment with CM Slim might be suitable for you. By working out in the gym on a regular basis you may utilize 30% of the body muscle. An experienced athlete may utilize up to 55% of the muscle, while CM Slim contracts 100% of the muscle ability, 100% of the time.
CM Slim is a non-invasive and completely safe treatment with no downtime. In the small percentage, some sensitive individuals can experience redness in the targeted area that will resolve within 4 up to 24 hours. CM Slim is used worldwide and has received CE certification, the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Approval, the Korean FDA, the Indonesian Ministry of Health, and many more.
This treatment will not produce the same fat reduction or skin tightening effects of surgery. It is like a training machine to make you stronger and do physical activity easier, so you can adopt a healthy lifestyle for more sustainable results. There’s no downtime and scarring, so you can resume back to your activities immediately, just like had a workout.
Results can be felt after one 30-minute session. Results will continue to improve over a 6 to 12-month period depending on lifestyle. We suggest a course of 4-6 sessions 2-3x a week for best results (increase 18% of muscle mass and reduce 21% of fat). Each treatment is only 30 minutes which is very practical for a busy life. Maintenance treatments may be required once a month, or once every 6 months depending on your lifestyle and goals
Both CMSlim and Emsculpt use HI-EMT technology, however, CMSlim is more powerful than Emsculpt. A session of 30 minutes CM Slim is the equivalent of 30,000 muscle contractions whereas Esculpt is 20,000.
- If you have a pacemaker, internal defibrillator or other implanted electrical devices, metal stents/ implants in your body
- Pregnant woman is not suggested
- Open or infected wounds
- Active systemic or local skin diseases
- Hypotension
- Grade II hypertension

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  • I just finished my slim package, super stoked with the results. Had been hitting the gym regularly, but was struggling with belly fat. Four sessions later, I've already shed 5 cm 💪 Heaps more then expected. Best body sculpting experience in Bali, highly recommended!
    Jonas Davies, Google
  • Got the CM slim treatment done & loved how well they informed me about each step of the procedure! such a lovely team
    Betty Closter, Google

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