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Botox in Ubud Bali

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Are you already seeing the formation of wrinkles whenever you laugh? 
And prominent forehead lines when you raise your eyebrow or frown? 

Botox treatment might be suitable for you. It is a neurotoxin injection produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria into targeted muscle. It works by relaxing the muscle that contributes to the formation of dynamic wrinkles. Botox in Ubud is quick, effective, and safe treatment to smooth dynamic wrinkles, slim the face (V shape), treat bruxism, excessive sweating, and contour the specific area of the body.

Popular areas treated with Botox in Ubud

- Frown lines
- Forehead wrinkles
- Crow’s feet
- Jaw Reduction
- Gummy Smile
- Bunny Lines
- Lip Flip
- Eyebrow lift
- Cobblestoned chin
- Neck Sagging
- Shoulder Slimming
- Excessive sweating
- Calf Slimming


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Yes, Botox is one of the safest aesthetic procedure. The Botox result depends on the product used and the experience of the practitioner. At Healthy Look Aesthetic, we provide Botox by Allergan USA that performed by Certified Doctor with years of experience
It usually takes around 30 minutes. The procedure will consist of personalized consultation, preparation & cleansing of the facial areas, and the botox injection itself. After the botox treatment, you will notice the difference within 3 days, however, the full effect will be achieved after 2 weeks.
It varies case by case depending on your body’s metabolism and your lifestyle. Generally speaking, botox can last 3-6 months. Botox is a temporary solution, however, the main function of the Botox treatment is to prevent the dynamic wrinkle turn into static. Repetitive dynamic wrinkles in the frown area can develop into 11 lines which cause an angry look. Frequent raising of eyebrows can lead to horizontal forehead wrinkles and lines. Once it turns to static wrinkles (for example 11 lines), it’s very difficult to get rid of it. Some muscle like masseter (that causes bruxism) can weaken over time and become atrophy, which means future treatments require less of the drug to achieve the same desired effect.
We use the original Botox by Allergan USA or Botulax from South Korea
Yes. You can save the cost more than 50% when compared to Australia, USA, and europe with same brand. The price of Botox in Bali is around AUD $8 per unit, compared to around AUD $15 in Australia with the same brand, Botox by Allergan USA
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