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Hair Removal in Ubud Bali

Have you been struggling with unwanted body hair?
Do you know that regular shaving and plucking can cause irritation and hyperpigmentation?
Are you tired of painful waxing and experiencing ingrown hair afterward?

With IPL hair removal in Ubud, you don’t have to worry about any red bumps & and ingrown hair being left behind. Thanks to the latest generation of IPL that can provide a more effective and gentler hair removal method while rejuvenating the skin at the same time. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses filtered non-coherent light to selectively destroy hair roots in a process called Selective Photothermolysis.

What areas can be treated by IPL Hair Removal in Ubud?

IPL hair removal can help to reduce the unwanted hair anywhere in your body as you wish
• Facial hair
• Underarm hair
• Leg hair
• Arm hair
• Chest
• Back hair
• Buttock/Buttock cleft hair
• Bikini line hair
• Brazilian



Because there are various different types of hair removal options, it can be quite hard to choose the right solution for your conditions. But at Healthy Look Aesthetic, we use the latest IPL Hair removal technology to remove hair comfortably, effectively, and effortlessly. Here is Why…

- The standard IPL utilizes the wavelength from 400-1200 nm, however, the wavelength from 950-1200 nm is an infrared light that is absorbed by the water and converted to heat leading to pain and discomfort. Our IPL offers more specific wavelengths (400-950 nm) therefore it is much more painless and safer with higher efficacy compared to the conventional IPL. Our IPL is effective for Fitzpatrick 1-4.
- Our IPL comes with contact cooling at -5 C to minimize the heat effect, hence we are able to administer a pain-free hair removal treatment without the need for numbing cream & gel.
It depends on the surface of the treatment area. It may take a few minutes for a small area (like under arm) to half an hour for the full legs (excluding the shaving process). Our treatments are designed to fit in with our client’s busy schedules. With no requirement for gel, we are able to deliver the procedure much quicker than the traditional IPL, so you can immediately resume all your normal activities soon
The number of treatment sessions differs from one person to another. The outcome depends on a number of factors, including hair density, thickness, color, and treatment area.

Scientific evidence confirms that optimal hair removal results are achieved during the Anagen phase, when the hair follicle is in direct contact with the basal stem cell. Hence, multiple treatments are necessary due to the hair growth cycle. Typically, treatments are scheduled monthly, totaling 4-8 sessions for optimal efficacy. You will notice that your hair becomes thinner and finer with each session. IPL hair removal has a long-term effect, however, maintenance treatment around 2-4 times a year may be necessary
The improvements are noticed by most clients 3 weeks after the first session, but the maximum outcome will be achieved after 4-8 sessions. You may feel that your hair continues to grow as usual up to two weeks after the treatment, but the growth will become slower afterward.

Occasionally, you might notice some residual hair appearing to grow more rapidly than usual. There's no need for concern if this occurs, as it indicates that your hair follicle is inactive, and your body is naturally shedding the dead hair, giving the illusion of accelerated growth before it eventually falls out.
Please avoid direct sun exposure and use any exfoliant in the treated areas for 1 week. Please do not wax, tweeze, or pluck your hair in between the treatments. Shaving is allowed but do it gently with shaving cream to minimize the irritation.
IPL hair removal is effective for dark-colored hair, as the light energy relies on melanin as a chromophore to deliver energy to the follicles. Unfortunately, white or blonde hair does not contain enough melanin to yield any results with IPL hair removal.
In the minority of patients that have sensitive skin, they can experience mild redness that will fade after a few days. In that case, we will prescribe a soothing cream to accelerate the healing. To minimize this, please avoid sun tanning for 1 week before and after treatment. Avoid waxing or plucking the hair 2 weeks before treatment, you can shave the treatment area 1-2 days before the treatment.
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